PayWall offers a comprehensive suite of insights to help you track and analyze your business's performance. From viewing order intents and checkout visits to managing transaction history and customer data, our platform provides you with the tools you need to make informed decisions.

Order Intents

Gain insights into customer behavior by tracking order intents. Understand what products customers are interested in, identify trends, and optimize your offerings to meet demand.

Checkout Visits

Monitor checkout visits to identify where customers drop off in the purchasing process. Use this data to improve your checkout flow, reduce cart abandonment, and increase conversion rates.

Transaction History

Keep a detailed record of all transactions with comprehensive transaction history insights. Easily review past transactions, generate reports, and ensure accurate financial tracking.

Customer Data

Access detailed customer data to better understand your audience. Analyze purchasing patterns, customer preferences, and demographics to tailor your marketing efforts and improve customer satisfaction.

Changes Tracking

Stay informed about changes in your orders and transactions with our changes tracking feature. Monitor updates in real-time, ensuring you have the most current information to make decisions.

Fraud Prevention

Protect your business from fraudulent activities with advanced fraud prevention tools. Identify and mitigate risks proactively to ensure the security of your transactions and customer data.

Additional Features

  • Real-time analytics and reporting
  • Customizable dashboards to visualize key metrics
  • Automated alerts for significant events and anomalies
  • Integration with third-party tools for enhanced functionality
  • Comprehensive data export options for further analysis

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